Transform Your Life: Discover How to Be An Open Channel to Allow God’s Goodness to Manifest In Your Life

Revised 2016 Edition

In this 2016 edition of Transform Your Life, Dr. King brings to a global audience her positive message of love, faith and prosperity. She shows you how to turn your fear into faith and your water into wine. She reveals three secrets to a happy life. And she offers a personal plan for transforming your life through the power of prayer.

I have always admired the leadership and commitment to empowering people of my long-time friend, Dr. Barbara King…she offers powerful solutions and support for the challenges we all face daily.

Les Brown, author of Live Your Dreams

This is a great book, written from first-hand experience. Dr. Barbara knows her ideas, beliefs and concepts work. I know they work too. She is an important role model in my life.

Wally “Famous” Amos, The Cookie Man

I felt myself growing spiritually as I read Transform Your Life, what makes this a powerful book is that it is more than rhetoric but divinely inspired rules to guide us in overcoming – by someone who I know first master the principles herself. For those who think there are no answers, just problems, this book will change your mind.

Barbara Reynolds, USA Today columnist

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