Instant Inspiration #7: Mastermind Prayer Power

Instant Inspiration #7: Mastermind Prayer Power


I accept that I am personally powerless to transform my life. It is the Christ within me that does all perfect work.


I believe in One Presence and One Power active in the universe. This Power is perfect life, love, intelligence, and wholeness expressing through me now. With God, all things are possible!


I understand that erroneous self-defeating thoughts and feelings are the cause of my problems, fears, and unhappiness. I now forgive all others and myself for any real or imagined mistakes. I am willing to be changed at depth.


In the awareness of the Christ Presence, I ask, believing that my heart’s desire is fulfilled now. Prayer partners: visualize the request fulfilled.


I give thanks as I joyously and expectantly assume the very feelings I will have when my heart’s desire is made manifest.


I let go and let God express through me in perfect ways.


I now make the commitment to place my life completely under the direction of the Christ within. I dedicate myself to be of maximum service to God and my fellow man and to remain an open channel of God’s will.

I am filled with joy, trust, and enthusiasm.

I celebrate life!

Instant Inspiration #6: A Daily Meditation

Instant Inspiration #6: A Daily Meditation

Today is My Day!

Today is the day I put aside all that worried or upset me yesterday.

Today is the day I say no to any thought, any feeling or any remembrance of past hurt or disappointment.

Today is the day I say yes to life!

Today is the day I see that I can do more, be more, live more.

Today is the day I know that neither my happiness nor my success depend on any person, place, or thing.

Today is the day I see in myself all the qualities I need to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be successful in all that I undertake.

Today my world is fresh and new!

Today I am filled with self-confidence and the assurance that I am the master of my life.

Today I set about to accomplish Great Things, to live up to the high expectations I have set for myself.

Today I will succeed, for God is with me and His Spirit in me is my inspiration and my capability.

Today is My Day!

And so it is!

Instant Inspiration #5: God-self

Instant Inspiration #5: God-self

There is an inner presence in each of us – the God-self of us – that turns adversity into advantage, lack into abundance, and confusion into order.

You can eat all the bread you want, all the steak you can afford. But until you begin to seek spiritual nourishment from the words of Life, your hunger will go unsatisfied.

from Transform Your Life (revised edition)

Instant Inspiration #4: Find a Way

Instant Inspiration #4: Find a Way

How can you be sure that you are acting in God’s way and not that of the sense consciousness?

You can tell by looking at the way you are handling the situation. Are you standing on the roof about to jump or are you sitting in the temple waiting for that still, small voice?

Do you feel that there is no answer; no way out?

Or do you know that even though the answer might not be readily apparent, it is there waiting for you to discover it?

The sense consciousness would have you jump off the temple roof; destroying the possibility of harmony and healing.

On the other hand, God’s way is the way of life, not of destruction. With God, there is always an answer, always a solution, always a path of fulfillment.

So why jump off the temple roof when you can take the stairs safely to the ground?

from Transform Your Life (revised edition)

Instant Inspiration #3: The Prayer of Faith

Instant Inspiration #3: The Prayer of Faith

God is my help in every need;
God does my every hunger feed;
God walks beside me, guides my way,
Through every moment of the day.

I now am wise, I now am true,
Patient, kind, and loving, too,
All things I am, can do, and be,
Through Christ, the Truth that is in me.

God is my health, I can’t be sick;
God is my strength, unfailing quick;
God is my all, I know no fear,
Since God and Love and Truth are here.

by Hannah More Kohaus

Instant Inspiration #2: Unified Will

Instant Inspiration #2: Unified Will

Move away from the concept of the activity of two separate wills – the personal will and the will of God – to an elevated understanding and awareness of God’s will expressing itself AS the personal will.

This means ridding the consciousness of the ideas of “separation from God.”

This separation consciousness has kept mankind in bondage to the ego-serving wars, economic oppression and disparity, world hunger, strife, and poverty almost since the beginning of our history on the planet.

from New Thought for a New Millennium